What Sport Career is Right For Me?

How Do I Know?

As a sport management major I get asked often what job or career path do I desire the most? Most individuals ask if I want to work for my favorite Professional sports team, or my dream university, and I even get asked if I want to be a P.E teacher. While all of those options are viable and even enticing it can be difficult to know what career path within the sports world to take. Advice that is commonly given at Washington State University within the Sport Management program
is to talk with, job shadow, and internship with a variety of sport related jobs. While this advice is great and can lead to promising results it is also difficult at times to find the time to manage it all. As a full time student, working a part time job, and tending to my duties and responsibilities as a father of two it is difficult to find the time to find my desired career path. Well the wonderful staff and faculty of the Sport Management program knows indeed how difficult it truly is for students to learn what career paths bests suits them. To help students better know and explore their options the Sport Management program has started an annual Sport Management Career Fair!

What is the Career Fair?

This Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity for Sport Management students to listen to different speakers from a variety of sport careers. How the Career Fair works is, several professionals are invited to come and speak, answer questions, and give advice on their particular area of expertise. There have been professionals from, college athletics: athletic directors, deputy directors, and compliance. There have been speakers from, recreational, high school athletics, semi-pro, and professional sports. The fair is broken up into three 1-hour time slots where students can choose what speakers they would like to listen to. This gives students a opportunity to learn and ask questions from true professionals within the industry. After the three time slots a dinner is then provided from students to attended the entire fair. I know from personal experience that the Career Fair helped answered some questions I had about potential career paths. It is a wonderful way to learn what fits you best.


Cant I Just Find the Same Information on the Internet?

You may be thinking, “I could just find the info I need on the internet.” While you may be able to find some pertinent information on the web you will find better answers from the mouths of those who do it for a living.  There is no good substitute for genuine advice and input. Some advice that was given to me was from the Pullman High School Athletic Director. He said that anybody who is interested in high school athletics should know that it is not a 9-5 job. Specifically for an athletic director the hours are long and daunting.  There is not athletic department like in college there is only the A.D. He has to do everything from scheduling, to finance, to sweeping the gym floor at half time. This information was great for me personally because I have a strong desire to work in a high school setting as and A.D. This confirmed what I had thought the job would look like.

In Conclusion

While you can certainly find information about jobs and sport careers from many different sources it sure is convenient and helpful to attend an event like the Career Fair. It sure does help make a life affecting decision a little easier then scouring the internet looking for help. If you are interested in a career in sport I highly recommend attending an event like the Career Fair.


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