As you know by now my name is Jonathan Arslanian. I am a current Sport Management student at Washington State University. I am graduating this semester with my bachelors in Sport Management and minor in Business Administration. I will then start on getting my masters in Sport Management. WSU Video

My career goals are to work in college athletics as a Division I athletic director, then eventually transiting from college to high school athletic director position. The reason for my career goals stems from my experience in high school sports. I learned how important an athletic director is and the impact they can have on the youth under their watch. After spending time in college athletics I want to use the connections made to help young athletes attain scholarships and peruse a collegiate career.

Sport has such a large impact on us as individuals and society as a whole. I would one day like to travel the world and experience sport in different cultures. My sport experience is limited to the United States. I want to see how sport influences others in ways I haven’t seen. My late grandfather, Sarkis Arslanian, help start the Armenian Football League and coached in the Japanese Football League. The experiences and  lessons he learned were life altering. I too would like to experience such an opportunity.

I h13668885_10209954039118767_855719847081846459_oave been married to my beautiful wife for 5 years now! We have 2 amazing little children and 2 golden retrievers. Life as a husband, father, student, and worker is challenging but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my little family very much! We enjoy spending time outside looking for adventure. Our children love to swim so during the summer you can usually find us near a body of water.